Group Training


Felicity A Boulderstone - Dog Training 2013


Group Training


Training classes are held at lovely outdoor rural locations in Mendlesham and Westhorpe (Mid Suffolk) - Wednesday & Saturday mornings. There are also regular quarterly training days.

Training your dog outside is very important as he/she learns to respond to you, ultimately ignoring distractions - other dogs, people, game, livestock, farm machinery and so on.

The main aim of classes is to instruct the owner to train their dog. This is achieved by teaching owners how to gain their dog’s interest using praise, food rewards and toys/articles (positive reinforcement).

Basically, what most pet owners want is a dog that does not jump up, does not pull on the lead and comes back when recalled.

Once you have developed a good relationship with your dog through progressive and reward based training; have established the foundation exercises; the great news is that moving on to more advanced exercises is not too difficult!

Each venue has a variety of interesting distractions and exciting situations. Progressive training encourages your puppy to learn to cope with all of these.