If you have a dog you would like to work in the shooting field whether at the peg, beating line or picking up, it is even more important that your basic obedience training and foundation exercises are absolutely sound.


Once we have commenced with the basic exercises we will develop your dog’s natural instinct to hunt and retrieve.  We will train your dog to respond to the recall and stop whistle as well as your verbal commands.


It is essential for your dog to be steady to other dogs in action, to thrown dummies gradually progressing to directional control, feathered wing dummies and cold game retrieves, then moving on to steadiness to gunshot and dummy launcher.


Please bear in mind that this is a gradual process continuing working on the basics as you progress towards the more advanced exercises.  The finished product in the field takes months of training and is not achieved in a matter of weeks.

Want to train your dog for the gun?

Gundog Training

Felicity A Boulderstone - Dog Training 2013

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