Nel is our first ever dog, so we just wanted to find somewhere to get some basic puppy training. We just wanted a dog that would not jump up at people and who would come back to us when called. A friend recommended Felicity and we had our first session at home. I was simply amazed at how young Nel responded to Felicity on that very first visit and it made me realise there was more to a dog’s behaviour than I had imagined.

Although unable to attend Felicity’s regular weekend group sessions, Nel benefits from private lessons at our home, and takes advantage of the residential training service whenever we go away on holiday or away for long weekends. This provides great peace of mind and negates the need for trying to find suitable kennel accommodation. Not surprisingly, we always notice a huge leap in Nel’s responses and behaviour after a spell with Felicity.

Being a black Labrador, Nel has responded really well to the basic gun dog training, and although it was not my original intention, I am now looking forward to introducing Nel to her first before her second birthday, and intend to carry on with the gun dog training to enhance what are her natural instincts to hunt and retrieve.


Lloyd Berry - February 2010

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Buster – the mad sprocker spaniel

Buster is a 14 month old chocolate sprocker spaniel whom we had from a puppy when just a few weeks old. Buster is our first dog and we believed that the right thing to do was to allow him to live amongst us and get used to family life with our 2 children. How wrong we were! This resulted in Buster thinking he could do as he liked, developing into bad behaviour and us having no idea whether we were handling him correctly and feeling out of control.

Buster is very wilful. He would put his paws on the worktop and table and take whatever he could reach, then chew it up. We would then have to chase to catch him, whilst he barked, circled the kitchen and nipped us as he passed – a great game for him – but exhausting and stressful for us. He was turning into a mad dog. He would leap at visitors and knock small children over. We didn’t have a minute’s peace, he had to be watched at all times. He pulled constantly during walking and would bark when we were talking on the phone.

A friend recommended Felicity and she has brought sanity back to the houseshold. We had a 1 to 1 session where she taught us techniques to try to prevent the unwanted behaviour whilst rewarding the desired behaviour as well as ways to calmly solve the problems. We had to be firm and consistent but the results were instant. She showed us ways to exercise his brain as he is a working dog and needs appropriate stimulation. We also now attend the group training sessions which is teaching him manners around other dogs and also how to be patient. Walks are now pleasurable, no longer stressful and he is now so much better with visitors.

Although the training is ongoing and Buster can still be challenging, we are now in control. We now see submissive behaviour and we are often able to distract him without the chasing and wrestling. He seems a much happier, calmer dog who is now listening to us and the good behaviour now far outweighs the bad.

With Felicity’s help and advice, we have turned Buster around.